What’s Necessary to Be a Robust Company: Weather the Changes and the Times.

Mar 3, 2021

Mr. NOGAMI Makoto, the newly appointed President & CEO as of April 2020 tells us about his thoughts on the future of Tokyo Century Group, to be a robust company: weather the changes and the times.

Tokyo Century contributes to the resolution of social issues and achieve stable, sustainable growth as a trusted service and business partner.

We have been working to transform our business model ahead of our competitors. Under a management environment free of regulatory constraints, we have been promoting services and businesses that contribute to society. Over the past ten years, we have continued to grow as a company that uniquely possesses financial capabilities as well as the operating functions of viable businesses.

Our business strengths lie in our broad international customer base, alliance partners, global sales network, and diverse human resources with extensive business expertise.

Our corporate vision for the next decade is to contribute to the resolution of social issues and achieve stable, Sustainable growth as a trusted service and business partner.
To this end, we need to evolve into a global corporate group in which a diverse range of personnel can play active roles.

Based on this materiality, we have already engaged in several projects that contribute to a low-carbon society in and outside of Japan. SDG lapel pins mean nothing without specific actions. We will continue participating in projects that address SDG-related issues.

Overcoming hardships, such as the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the Great East Japan Earthquake, has made Tokyo Century stronger. Persistence and the willingness to embrace challenges have become deeply ingrained in our organizational culture.

The key is to continue aligning our business style with the times based on deep insight into future trends. We will develop ventures that meet needs by taking full advantage of a corporate environment free of regulatory constraints.

*The contents of the article and the position titles are as of the date posted.





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